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Bespoke Tours & Activities

At Luxurious Ireland we look forward to customizing any itinerary to meet the needs of you as a family or as a group with special interests and wanting the luxury of a wonderful Castle or great House at your disposal.

Our team are committed to provide a personal, creative and innovative solution to our guests with the support of a dedicated and professional team. Our invitation to you is to come with us off the beaten track to discover the hidden treasures of our land, Ireland - exciting, diverse, inspirational, romantic & haunting.

Luxury Tours

Bespoke Tours

A Grand Tour of Ireland's Castles and Great Houses

Castles of great beauty with lavish decorations.

Sumptuous & Playful Architecture from a time of bountiful Banquets and Social Etiquette.

Dublin's wonderful Georgian Doors and Squares. Great Houses that changed the political and social Ireland.

Earls & Pearls – The Nobility Tour

Ireland has a rich history and part of that history has been created by the nobles or aristocracy.

A very quiet and shy group who over generations have created and protected many of Ireland’s castles and Great Houses.

A tour like this is one which visits their homes, stays in castles and if it is possible meet with a Lord......just think, Downtown Abbey!

Fine Arts and Architecture

From the beginning of time, Ireland has had craftsmen who have created some of the world’s finest objects.

From the Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s Bell, The Derrynaflan Paten, paintings by Francis Bacon and Louis Le Brocquy.

A tour of Ireland’s Museums, Galleries and some private collections to see Irish furniture and works of art.

Other concepts

Harry Clarke & Wilhelmina Geddes

Ireland's Stained Glass Geniuses

A Wonderful Journey of Discovery of Ireland's, World Famous Stained Glass Artist.

Harry Clarke created many wonderful designs as part of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

His work in Stained Glass is held in Museums all over the world. Wilhelmina Geddes was a founding artist of the Irish Glass company, An Tur Gloine.

Saints & Scholars in Monastic Ireland

The Golden Age of Ireland

Early Christian Period of Clonmacnoise and Glendalough. Art, Literature, Architecture & History & Monastic Settlements, Europe's ‘Dark Ages’ is Ireland’s Religious Fulfilment.

Fairies, Fables & Folklore of Ireland

Myths & Legends of Old Ireland

Myths & Legends following footsteps of Celtic Goddesses & Druids. Tales of Fairies, Banshees, legendary Heroes and Epic stories.

Medieval Ireland

Centuries of Change & Reform

Vikings Plundering, Battle of Clontarf Changes to Irelands Pagan culture Viking Culture and Heritage still seen today

From Victory to Infamy

The Battlefield's of Ireland

Visit many places associated with Irish battles throughout history including The Battle of the Boyne, the Siege of Limerick and the 1798 Rebellion.

The 1916 Easter Rising.

The Siege of Athlone and Battle of Aughrim.

Ireland's Great Bog’s

A Road Less Travelled

The National Museum collection of treasures from Irish Bogs. Visit the world famous Iron Age wooden road in County Longford.

Watch bog oak sculpting in the beautiful Ballynahown Ecovillage and immerse yourself in the monastic settlement of Clonmacnoise.